US Youth Soccer Birth Year Reg Release

US Youth Soccer Board of Directors approves implementation of U.S. Soccer Mandates

Birth-year registration to be implemented in 2016-17

Two-year phase in to occur for Small-Sides Games

FRISCO, Texas (Sept. 1, 2015) - The US Youth Soccer Board of Directors has approved the

implementation of age group registration by calendar year, as mandated by the U.S. Soccer


First announced ( on

Aug. 24 as part of the U.S. Soccer Coaching Initiatives, the registration of youth soccer players

nationwide will shift to calendar-year age grouping, as opposed to the current school-year age

grouping. The board approved a motion for US Youth Soccer programs and competitions to

introduce the change to calendar-year registration for the 2016-17 soccer year.

The US Youth Soccer programs and competitions that will introduce the birth-year registration in

the 2016-17 soccer year include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • US Youth Soccer National Championships Series - including national, regional and state


  • US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup - including national, regional and state competitions
  • US Youth Soccer National League
  • US Youth Soccer Regional Leagues
  • US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program

The board is encouraging US Youth Soccer State Associations to transition as they deem necessary

to accommodate their soccer landscape at the local level.

The board also approved a two-year phase in for the Small-Sides Games mandate. The 2016-17

soccer year will serve as a transition year to the U.S. Soccer specifications on the US Youth Soccer

programs listed above, and the Small-Sides Games requirements will be fully implemented for the

2017-18 soccer year.

These U.S. Soccer coaching initiatives, which will be mandated by August of 2017, are focused on

advancing youth players' individual skill and intelligence, and providing players with the best

opportunity to improve.

You can read more information on the U.S. Soccer Coaching Initiatives on

( and



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